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#TireSafetyWeek - "4 Simple Tips for Proper Tire Inflation"

#TireSafetyWeek - In most cases accidents are preventable if you follow these "4 Simple Tips for Proper Tire Inflation"... (1) Always use a hand-held gauge to check tire pressure at least once a month or before a long trip.(2) Use the inflation pressures listed on the placard and check the tires first thing in the morning. (3) Replace the valve cap on the valve stem and use plastic valve caps on TPMS sensors with metal valves.(4) Keep an air guage in the vehicle at all times so you can check the air pressure after you see the TPMS light.#tiresafety #tireindustryassociation #tiresafetyweek

Posted by Tire Industry Association on Monday, May 20, 2019