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Spring Cleaning: Ready To Mount Style

“Proper Care for Long Lasting Wheels (for Dummies)” isn’t out on shelves yet, so we’ve got you covered here at Ready To Mount.

If you want sweet looking wheels for your ride, you will need to invest some work. It’s sort of like putting in effort to make sure the girl falls for you. You have to clean up nice, maintain the relationship, and protect it, right. Okay, you’ve got the girl- now back to cars.

Think of your wheel finish in the same sense you think of the paint on your car. The finish coats the wheel, but it takes even more abuse from heat and dust, due to braking, and being in closer proximity to the ground. When neglected, your girl and your wheels can get pretty ugly.

In order to keep your wheels looking as premium as the day you bought them, always wash wheels after they have cooled and are parked in a shaded area.

If maintained properly, simple soap and water with a soft wash mitt will safely clean the wheels.

Neglected wheels, however, may require more powerful cleaners, so test and use with caution! Know what finish your wheels have. Are they coated with chrome, powder, paint, or something different?

Make sure to use the appropriate cleaner, polish, and brushes so that you don’t remove the finish from the wheel, or scratch/damage the wheel.  (Example: A stiff bristle brush is okay for tires, not wheels!  Wire wheel-cleaner is not safe for clear-coated wheels.)

After you’ve worked up some elbow grease scrubbing them, sit back, admire them, and allow wheels to dry. Have a beer if you want.

You’ve done well so far, men. But the fun isn’t over yet. Real men make sure to protect their RTM wheels, once clean. A good sealant and wax is needed, just like for the car. Crazy, huh?!

Sealing and waxing the wheels often is important for avoiding brake dust and road debris sticking to the actual paint. Do this and your wheels will be easier to maintain regularly, and will last for many, many years!

If you’re an over-achiever, take it one step further for your ride by applying tire shine to complement your premium, sparkling wheels. Apply tire shine to an applicator and apply it by hand, so the overspray doesn’t affect your wheel finish.

Now, you’re all set, brother.

Dodge the potholes and puddles, and ride in style. Ready To Mount is ready to help you find your perfect set of wheels and tires, and maintain them for years to come.